Our Story

We want to explore every inch of Lebanon.  From the sea side to the highest of mountains. Join us on those fascinating experiences that will live on in your memories for a long time. Our goal is to build a community who is passionate about the outdoors and what the outdoors have to offer. We will hike, camp, stargaze, bike and do much more while building long lasting friendships with people and nature.

The Lebanese Nomads is ran by its two founders/guides, Joelle Abboud and Thomas Semaan. They launched this group in order to follow something they truly care about and that is bringing people back to nature.

The time the first men evolved into their intellectual selves is when they left their limited tree and became nomadic in search of the great resources of nature.

Mother Nature is calling let’s not keep her waiting.

Thomas Semaan

I go in nature to find that long forgotten peace and quiet. Insta: @thomasemaan

Joelle Abboud

"lifelong nature-lover,a technology geek and an environmentalist to be ”


Wondering around a beautiful, nature filled destination. We do all sorts of hikes. Tough and easy ones. As much as we like exploring new destinations we also have a soft spot for the Lebanese natural reserves. Most of our hikes are concluded with a filling lunch in which the entire group can mingle and get more acquainted.


Our love for the night sky is incomparable. Being in complete darkness and your eyesight can only witness the beautiful frame of the galaxy. Our Stargazing events include driving up to a high mountain, away from the city lights and enjoy lying down on the ground and looking up to the sky. It is as simple as that. We sometimes turn those nights into camping, with bonfire, good food and music.  

Camping is by far the ultimate nomadic experience. We just leave all our worries behind and go sleep in the soundness of nature. Our camping events include a nice little bonfire, food and mingling games that keep us entertained through the night.


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