Frequently asked questions

Most of our events are kid friendly. However sometimes the activity might be too extreme for a kid in a certain age therefore it would be better to assess whether or not you want to engage your kid in such activities.

We keep an eye on the weather forecast and we make sure the participants will be told beforehand if the event is going to continue or if it will be postponed for a later date. However, sometimes we like to enjoy a rainy extreme hike 😉

It depends on the event. However as guides we try to abide by the fully equipped policy we have. Sometimes some participants might need something too specific that we can not provide on spot or even the hike could be too long so it is always smart to keep a light snack with you. 

We will make sure to plan pet friendly events. However if it is not specifically mentioned in our event description pets are not allowed.

In most of our events in natural reserve forests or organized campsites, bathrooms will be available on spot. If not we will always make sure on our way to the event destination we make the necessary stops for using the bathroom. 

Ideally hiking shoes are the best for walking on hard land. However, running shoes could also do the trick.

During a camping event there will be an option to rent a tent along with a mattress from us. Note: due to limitation the first come first served.

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